Study: Fast-food consumption in inner cities may fuel diabetes surge

While diabetics taking medications such as Januvia for their condition can help better manage their symptoms, the benefits of adhering to a healthy, well-balanced diet are crucial for anyone living with the disease.

While diabetics taking medications such as Januvia for their condition can help better manage their symptoms, the benefits of adhering to a healthy, well-balanced diet are crucial for anyone living with the disease. According to the Diabetes Advocacy Alliance, researchers predict that by 2020, more than half of adults in the U.S. will be diagnosed with either diabetes or prediabetes. One of the primary reasons for this startling projection is due to the country's consumption of fast-food, which was the focus of a study conducted by a team of doctors from the University of Leicester in England.

Abundance of fast-food chains in inner-city neighborhoods
The researchers analyzed how skyrocketing amounts of fast-food restaurants located within inner-city neighborhoods could be the primary cause for increased diabetes diagnoses for lower-income citizens. The study consisted of more than 10,000 U.K. residents who lived in areas considered as socially deprived, and also examined how the rising number of fast-food chains in their regions may explain why lower-income neighborhoods produce more diabetes cases than financially stable districts.

Overall, the colleagues discovered that individuals who either lived in a multi-ethnic region of the U.K. or an area stricken by poverty had an average of at least two fast-food restaurants within a 500?-metre area of their home. In turn, neighborhoods that possessed such excessive amounts of fast-food chains were generally facing diabetes as well as obesity crises. The researchers outlined how typical meals at these types of restaurants tend to be very high in total fat, trans-fatty acids and sodium, with the average fast-food meal containing at least 1,400 calories.

Dr. Kamlesh Khunti, a professor at the University of Leicester, discussed how the overwhelming abundance of fast-food restaurants in these neighborhoods can be associated with the staggering amounts of diabetes diagnoses discovered in minority patients.

"We found a much higher number of fast food outlets in more deprived areas where a higher number of black and minority ethnic populations resided," Khunti said in a statement. "This in turn was associated with higher prevalence of obesity and diabetes. The results are quite alarming and have major implications for public health interventions to limit the number of fast food outlets in more deprived areas."

The Fast Food Challenge
It's easy to see the appeal in fast-food restaurants, especially because of how cheap and quick the dining experience can be. However, if you're a diabetic choosing to make a trip through the drive-thru window, there are certain ways to get the most nutrition from your fast-food decision. The American Diabetes Association has created The Fast Food Challenge, an overall guideline and cheat sheet for making healthier choices when it comes to eating at these notoriously unhealthy establishments.

The Fast Food Challenge urges customers to keep an eye out for the nutrition facts when it comes to ordering food. Most of the biggest chains will have information detailing everything from calorie amounts to fat percentages so that you can start to get a better grasp at how much junk you're actually putting into your body. Substitutions can make a difference in your health as well. For instance, ordering your chicken grilled instead of fried can save you hundreds of calories and shed off significant grams of unnecessary fats and carbohydrates. Instead of the usual French fries, order a side salad or fruits with your entree, to ensure that you're still getting some of your daily fruit and vegetable intake.

Implementing a healthy diet while sticking to your Januvia prescription is one of the best things you can do for controlling diabetes. Whenever you need to buy Januvia, make your next purchase through a Canadian online pharmacy to refill your order.