A Mediterranean diet could help lower rate of diabetes

For any Januvia users out there searching for healthier food choices that can also help fight back against diabetes, look no further:

For any Januvia users out there searching for healthier food choices that can also help fight back against diabetes, look no further: Researchers have found that implementing a certain popular diet could not only keep you in good shape, but lower your risk of developing or strengthening the metabolic disease.

Doctors presented a recent case study at the American College of Cardiology's 63rd Annual Scientific Session that tested whether or not applying an extensive Mediterranean diet had any effect on reducing the chances of being diagnosed with diabetes. Reviewing the records of more than 162,000 participants for an average duration of 5.5 years, the researchers spanned the globe administering well-known Mediterranean foods and meals such as fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, fish, nuts, olive oil and the occasional glass of red wine to those with either high or low risks of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The doctors discovered that those who followed the dietary plan were found to reduce their risk of diabetes by 21 percent, regardless of whether or not they had a European background. The researchers also noted that there was a decrease in the potential chances of cardiovascular disease for those who sustained a Mediterranean diet.

Dr. Demosthenes Panagiotakos, a professor at Harokopio University in Greece and lead investigator of the study, felt that implementing the diet can help anyone offset the odds of diabetes, no matter who you are or where you are from.

"Adherence to the Mediterranean diet may prevent the development of diabetes irrespective of age, sex, race or culture," Panagiotakos said in a statement. "This diet has a beneficial effect, even in high risk groups, and speaks to the fact that it is never too late to start eating a healthy diet."

Maintaining a Mediterranean diet
With almost 26 million Americans struggling with diabetes and 1.9 million new cases formed in the past three years, there's very little risk involved with picking a new dietary plan and eating healthier to combat the disease. Here's a few guidelines on how to sustain an efficient Mediterranean diet:

  • Ingest plenty of vegetables and fruits, especially beans, tomatoes and peas
  • Reduce your red meat intake and eat fish and chicken as meat sources
  • Moderate your dairy usage and stick to low-fat options
  • Do not add salt to your food
  • Drink a glass of red wine with dinner

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