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Vesicare Prescriptions

Vesicare is one of the leading prescription drugs designed to treat symptoms of overactive bladder, which is also known as OAB. It is commonly known by the active ingredient name, Solifenacin and has a reputation for being quite effective. This drug is both manufactured and marketed by Astellas Pharma, one of the leading prescription drug manufacturers in the US.

What Vesicare is used for?

When a patient decides to buy Canadian Vesicare, they want to be free from the symptoms of overactive bladder. OAB patients have difficulties with their bladders which constantly give them the urge to urinate. Patients who have this health condition have very frequent urges to urinate and sometimes these are accompanied by embarrassing leakage problems. The symptoms are generally caused because the bladder muscles contract too much. In addition to taking medication to control these contractions, doctors also recommend certain helpful lifestyle changes, such as dietary changes and Kegel exercises.

Vesicare Dosage

The drug is fairly simple to get good results from if taken as directed. Most doctors prescribe a dose that is taken once a day. Whether you take it with or without food is largely a matter of personal preference. It should, however, always be taken with a full glass of water. This pill should not be crushed, chewed or split unless directed to do otherwise.

Always take this drug regularly. Skipping a dose for any period of time will probably result in the return of unwanted symptoms. The best effects from Vesicare should be felt after a few weeks. Your doctor might be able to increase your dose if the original one is well tolerated.

How does Vesicare work?

People who have OAB have bladder muscles that contract too much, causing problems that include leakage and frequent urination needs. Certain types of chemicals in the body typically cause these contractions. Vesicare works by interacting with these chemicals so that the contractions stop. Once the muscle stops contracting as much, there are far fewer leakage problems and there will not be as many frequent trips to the bathroom.

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Side effects of Vesicare

Before anyone starts to take this drug, they should be aware of a few common side effects. Blurred vision, dry mouth, and constipation are commonly reported. Your doctor should be told if the constipation goes on for more than three days or if you have severe pain as a result of the constipation. You might also become more susceptible to getting urinary tract infections while taking this medication. Heat exhaustion or heat stroke are more likely while you are on this medication, so you should take extra precautions in hot climates.

Notify your doctor right away if any of your symptoms are typical of an allergic reaction, such as hives or difficulty in breathing or swallowing. You should also inform your doctor of any side effects that you have which seem unusual or are severe. It is possible that some side effects could occur that have not yet been reported.

Vesicare Ingredients

The active ingredient, solifenacin, helps to stop the bladder contractions that lead to the leakage problems and the strong urinary urges. By stopping these contractions, patients will have much greater bladder control.