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Lantus Prescriptions

Lantus is a prescription medication for individuals who have been diagnosed with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Patients who purchase Lantus inject it into their bodies using a special dispenser called the SoloStar Pen. Lantus is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Sanofi-Aventis. The medication contained in Lantus is also sold under the generic name insulin glargine, so that patients who buy Lantus can do so using the brand name or the generic medication.

Lantus overview

Lantus is only approved for use by patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes. The medication is often prescribed as part of a complete treatment program that also includes lifestyle and exercise changes, as well as weight management. Diabetics must usually make dietary adjustments in order to manage their disease, and this is still required of patients who order Lantus and use it regularly.

Since Lantus is administered by injection, patients who use it must follow strict dosage instructions as provided by their doctors. They are usually shown exactly how to inject the drug before they begin the treatment plan.

How Lantus works

Lantus works by making use of a synthetic form of insulin called insulin glargine. This medication mimics natural insulin by working to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood. Patients who use Lantus can maintain healthy levels of blood glucose, which helps to stabilize their blood sugar. Since diabetes often results in serious life-altering conditions such as stroke or kidney disease, patients who use Lantus in conjunction with diet and exercise may be able to avoid these developments. One of the benefits of the synthetic insulin contained in Lantus is that its effects last longer than that of natural insulin. This means that diabetics who take Lantus may enjoy longer lasting relief from high blood sugar levels.

Lantus ingredients

The only active ingredient in Lantus is insulin glargine, but there are several inactive ingredients in the medication as well. These include zinc, glycerin, sodium hydroxide, and water. Many of these ingredients exist in Lantus in miniscule amounts.

Side effects of Lamictal

Patients who use Lantus as directed may experience many side effects. In some cases, individuals who use Lantus have an allergic reaction to one or more of the ingredients in the medication. Symptoms of such a reaction include widespread skin rash, unusually fast heart rate, difficulty breathing, and excessive perspiration. Additionally, many patients have less serious side effects such as itching or irritation at the site of the injection.

In a few cases, Lantus may cause serious reactions such as hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia, conditions that are marked by unusually low or extremely high blood sugar. Symptoms of low blood sugar include a strong feeling of hunger, feelings of dizziness, loss of consciousness, and severe headache. Patients who experience high blood sugar levels may feel unusually thirsty, begin breathing rapidly, or have to urinate more often than usual.