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Gleevec Prescriptions

Patients with certain types of cancer are able to order Gleevec to help treat their condition. The product is commonly prescribed to individuals who have certain types of leukemia or tumors of the digestive system and stomach. Gleevec is a branded version of the generic drug, imatinib.

How it works

Gleevec is a chemotherapy drug, which works by preventing the growth of cancer cells. It blocks abnormal proteins which the cancer needs to function. This causes the cancer cells to die. It is designed to only act on the cancer cells, leaving healthy cells intact. This means that Gleevec may cause fewer side effects than traditional chemotherapy drugs>.

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Gleevec Dosage

Patients will be prescribed a dose of Gleevec that is suitable for their individual condition and the type of cancer they are suffering from. It is essential that they follow the instructions of their doctor in relation to dosage; they must not take more or less Gleevec than they have been prescribed.

Each dose of Gleevec must be taken with a meal and a large glass of water; it should not be taken on an empty stomach. If required, Gleevec can be dissolved in a glass of apple juice or water to make it easier to swallow.

Patients who are taking Gleevec are likely to require regular blood tests and liver function tests to ensure that their body is not responding negatively to the treatment.

Gleevec Side effects

Side effects may include mild nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, stomach pain, joint or muscle pain, muscle cramps, stuffy nose, headaches, tiredness and sinus pain. More serious side effects may include flu symptoms, easy bruising or unusual bleeding, shortness of breath, dark urine, jaundice, blood stained urine, stools or vomit and numbness around the mouth. Anyone who experiences severe or prolonged side effects to the treatment should seek medical advice.

It is important that patients who experience signs of an allergic reaction, for example swelling of the airways and shortness of breath, seek medical advice immediately.

Gleevec Precautions

Patients should inform their doctor of any medical conditions they are currently suffering from or have suffered from in the past, before they purchase Gleevec. The product may not be suitable for individuals with a history of certain conditions, such as kidney or liver disease, congestive heart failure, stomach ulcers or bleeding or an underactive thyroid. Gleevec is not suitable for patients who are pregnant.

In addition, Gleevec is not suitable for anyone who is undergoing chemotherapy or for those who are taking cyclosporine, fentanyl, St Johns Wort, conivaptan, blood thinners, heart or blood pressure medications, HIV/AIDs medicines or some antibiotics.

Additional information for Gleevec

Gleevec must be stored at room temperature, in its original container, out of the reach of children and animals. It should not be stored near to heat or moisture sources. Patients who are prescribed and buy Gleevec must not allow anyone else to take it.