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Fluticasone Prescriptions

Fluticasone is the name of a drug that has been produced to help treat the breathing problems caused by the inflammation in the air channels that occurs when a person is suffering from ailments such as asthma and other pulmonary diseases. In medical terms, fluticasone is classified as a corticosteroid, which implies that it is a drug that replicates the function of certain hormones produced in the body.

At this point in time, fluticasone is possibly one of the most widely used drugs in the world. It is produced and marketed worldwide by pharmaceutical giant Glaxo SmithKline under various brand names.

What Fluticasone are used for

The main benefit of fluticasone is that it helps to open up the airways of the nose that might have become blocked due to an asthma attack, and since the latter is caused by an inflammation of the muscles, the drug is directly responsible for facilitating easy breathing. Fluticasone is mostly used for the treatment of asthma, but it can also be used to ease the symptoms of hay fever. The drug is sold in the form of a spray that needs to be inhaled through the nose and specifically through both nostrils. It should not be inhaled through the mouth under any circumstances.

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Branded Products
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 Shipping & Arrival Information
 RX  Advair Diskus (Fluticasone / Salmeterol) - Known as Seretide Accuhaler100mcg/50mcg60 dosesBrand$79.00
 RX  Advair Diskus (Fluticasone / Salmeterol) - Known as Seretide Accuhaler100mcg/50mcg120 dosesBrand$149.00
 RX  Advair Diskus (Fluticasone / Salmeterol) - Known as Seretide Accuhaler100mcg/50mcg180 dosesBrand$192.00
 RX  Advair Diskus (Fluticasone / Salmeterol) - Known as Seretide Accuhaler250mcg/50mcg60 dosesBrand$91.00
 RX  Advair Diskus (Fluticasone / Salmeterol) - Known as Seretide Accuhaler250mcg/50mcg120 dosesBrand$170.00
 RX  Advair Diskus (Fluticasone / Salmeterol) - Known as Seretide Accuhaler250mcg/50mcg180 dosesBrand$197.00
 RX  Advair Diskus (Fluticasone / Salmeterol) - Known as Seretide Accuhaler500mcg/50mcg60 dosesBrand$97.00
 RX  Advair Diskus (Fluticasone / Salmeterol) - Known as Seretide Accuhaler500mcg/50mcg120 dosesBrand$173.00
 RX  Advair Diskus (Fluticasone / Salmeterol) - Known as Seretide Accuhaler500mcg/50mcg180 dosesBrand$203.00
 RX  Advair HFA Inhaler (Fluticasone Propionate/Salmeterol Xinafoate)125/25mcg120 dosesBrand$98.00
 RX  Advair HFA Inhaler (Fluticasone Propionate/Salmeterol Xinafoate)125/25mcg240 dosesBrand$180.00
 RX  Advair HFA Inhaler (Fluticasone Propionate/Salmeterol Xinafoate)125/25mcg360 dosesBrand$272.00
 RX  Advair HFA Inhaler (Fluticasone Propionate/Salmeterol Xinafoate)250/25mcg120 dosesBrand$130.00
 RX  Advair HFA Inhaler (Fluticasone Propionate/Salmeterol Xinafoate)250/25mcg240 dosesBrand$242.00
 RX  Advair HFA Inhaler (Fluticasone Propionate/Salmeterol Xinafoate)250/25mcg360 dosesBrand$300.00
 RX  Flovent Diskus (Fluticasone inhaled)500mcg60 dosesBrand$125.00
 RX  Flovent Diskus (Fluticasone inhaled)500mcg360 dosesBrand$607.00
 RX  Flovent Diskus (Fluticasone)100mcg60 dosesBrand$49.00
 RX  Flovent Diskus (Fluticasone)100mcg120 dosesBrand$71.00
 RX  Flovent Diskus (Fluticasone)100mcg180 dosesBrand$92.00
 RX  Flovent Diskus (Fluticasone)250mcg60 dosesBrand$66.00
 RX  Flovent Diskus (Fluticasone)250mcg120 dosesBrand$95.00
 RX  Flovent Diskus (Fluticasone)250mcg180 dosesBrand$128.00
 RX  Flovent Diskus (Fluticasone)50mcg60 dosesBrand$45.00
 RX  Flovent Diskus (Fluticasone)50mcg180 dosesBrand$81.00
 RX  Flovent Diskus (Fluticasone)50mcg360 dosesBrand$134.00
 RX  Flovent Inhaler (Fluticasone)125 (110) mcg120 dosesBrand$54.00
 RX  Flovent Inhaler (Fluticasone)125 (110) mcg240 dosesBrand$85.00
 RX  Flovent Inhaler (Fluticasone)125 (110) mcg360 dosesBrand$111.00
 RX  Flovent Inhaler (Fluticasone)50 (44) mcg120 dosesBrand$34.00
 RX  Flovent Inhaler (Fluticasone)50 (44) mcg240 dosesBrand$59.00
 RX  Flovent Inhaler (Fluticasone)50 (44) mcg360 dosesBrand$81.00
 RX  Flovent Inhaler (Fluticasone) - also known as Flixotide250 (220) mcg120 dosesBrand$85.00
 RX  Flovent Inhaler (Fluticasone) - also known as Flixotide250 (220) mcg240 dosesBrand$155.00
 RX  Flovent Inhaler (Fluticasone) - also known as Flixotide250 (220) mcg360 dosesBrand$219.00
 RX  Veramyst Nasal Spray (Fluticasone Furoate)27.5mcg (120 metered Doses)1 unitBrand$67.00
 RX  Veramyst Nasal Spray (Fluticasone Furoate)27.5mcg (360 metered Doses)3 unitsBrand$152.00

Generic Products: what is a Generic?  

 Shipping & Arrival Information
 RX  Fluticasone Furoate (Generic)27.5mcg (120 metered Doses)1 unitGeneric$32.00
 RX  Fluticasone Inhaler (Generic)125 (110) mcg120 dosesGeneric$36.00
 RX  Fluticasone Inhaler (Generic)125 (110) mcg240 dosesGeneric$51.00
 RX  Fluticasone Inhaler (Generic)125 (110) mcg360 dosesGeneric$71.00
 RX  Fluticasone Inhaler (Generic)50 (44) mcg120 dosesGeneric$29.00
 RX  Fluticasone Inhaler (Generic)50 (44) mcg240 dosesGeneric$47.00
 RX  Fluticasone Inhaler (Generic)50 (44) mcg360 dosesGeneric$63.00
 RX  Fluticasone Nasal Spray (Generic)50mcg100 dosesGeneric$27.00
 RX  Fluticasone Nasal Spray (Generic)50mcg300 dosesGeneric$51.00
 RX  Fluticasone Propionate Cream.05%3 x 10GMGeneric$25.00
 RX  Fluticasone Propionate Ointment.005%3 x 20GMGeneric$28.00
 RX  Fluticasone Propionate/Salmeterol Xinafoate (Generic)125/25mcg120 dosesGeneric$70.00
 RX  Fluticasone Propionate/Salmeterol Xinafoate (Generic)125/25mcg240 dosesGeneric$133.00
 RX  Fluticasone Propionate/Salmeterol Xinafoate (Generic)125/25mcg360 dosesGeneric$190.00
 RX  Fluticasone Propionate/Salmeterol Xinafoate (Generic)250/25mcg120 dosesGeneric$90.00
 RX  Fluticasone Propionate/Salmeterol Xinafoate (Generic)250/25mcg240 dosesGeneric$159.00
 RX  Fluticasone Propionate/Salmeterol Xinafoate (Generic)250/25mcg360 dosesGeneric$192.00
 RX  Salmeterol & Fluticasone Propionate (Generic) known as Seroflo50/100mcg60 DosesGeneric$54.00
 RX  Salmeterol & Fluticasone Propionate (Generic) known as Seroflo50/100mcg120 DosesGeneric$94.00
 RX  Salmeterol & Fluticasone Propionate (Generic) known as Seroflo50/100mcg180 DosesGeneric$155.00
 RX  Salmeterol & Fluticasone Propionate (Generic) known as Seroflo50/250mcg60 dosesGeneric$59.00
 RX  Salmeterol & Fluticasone Propionate (Generic) known as Seroflo50/250mcg120 dosesGeneric$98.00
 RX  Salmeterol & Fluticasone Propionate (Generic) known as Seroflo50/250mcg180 dosesGeneric$168.00
 RX  Salmeterol & Fluticasone Propionate (Generic) known as Seroflo50/500mcg60 dosesGeneric$88.00
 RX  Salmeterol & Fluticasone Propionate (Generic) known as Seroflo50/500mcg120 dosesGeneric$125.00
 RX  Salmeterol & Fluticasone Propionate (Generic) known as Seroflo50/500mcg180 dosesGeneric$191.00

All generic products listed above are NOT manufactured or authorized by the maker of the brand name product. They are manufactured by licensed generic manufacturers.

Precautions when taking Fluticasone

Anyone who wishes to buy fluticasone can find it in most drug stores since it is a medicine that is widely in use. However, potential users need to be aware that it is a drug that can only be used as medication once it has been prescribed by a doctor, and, until that is done, they should not buy the drug off the shelf and start using it. This is very important because the intensity of the dose with which a patient should start their treatment can only be determined by a qualified medical practitioner, and in most cases the intensity is regulated after observing the response of the patient to the treatment. The drug is primarily a reactive treatment that is to be administered whenever there is an attack of asthma, but it is not something that is supposed to cure the patient of the disease. However, it is a highly effective drug when it comes to preventing breathing problems during an attack and this is the reason why so many patients buy fluticasone as part of their supply of medication.

Fluticasone Side effects

Fluticasone is a drug that has proved indispensable for a large number of people across the world whenever they have an asthma attack. It has helped individuals to lead a relatively normal life that is devoid of the constant dread of being troubled with an attack. It is in the interest of the patient to consult the doctor that prescribed the medicine if he or she experiences any of the following side effects of fluticasone: throat pain, fever, nausea, stomachache or loose motions. A slight adjustment in the dosage usually goes a long way in helping any patient suffering from these unpleasant abnormalities. CIPA Certification Pharmacy Checker Certification