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How Constantly Fighting Affects Your Health

We love creating a larger dialogue about health by discussing the many aspects that are interrelated. Thankfully, there is increasing awareness of the necessity for a healthy diet, regular exercise, mental and emotional health, and effective medication to all work together for the best overall health. Each element affects the others, and we are examining […]

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How to Manage Summertime Depression

Clinical Depression in the Summer If you have clinical depression, you may find this especially difficult during the summer season. When depression’s core characteristics lead you to feel drained by social interaction, this can be doubly isolating when you feel like you are supposed to be having fun with everyone else. Your usual depression can […]

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5 Health Conditions That Could Be Causing Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, can cause such physical frustration and emotional vulnerability that it can be easier to avoid it altogether. It is important to address, however, because on top of your personal and relational well-being, it is possible that your ED is actually a symptom of another condition. If there is another health issue […]

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Recognizing Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder Warning Signs

Rarely do schizophrenia and bipolar disorder appear without warnings. Usually, relatives, friends, or patients realize that some aspects of their thoughts, feelings, or behaviors are off before a major mental illness advances to its full-blown status. Being aware of early warning signs and evolving symptoms may help you delay or prevent your condition’s progression. This […]

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